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"A Pooch After All? The Asahi Shimbun's Failed Foray Into Investigative Journalism" in Freedom of Press in Contemporary Japan (Routledge, 2017)

"Trouble-Makers or Truth-Sayers? The Peculiar Status of Foreign Correspondents in China" in 
China's Transformations: The Stories Beyond the Headlines (Rowman & Littlefield, 2007)

"The Experiences of a Business Journalist in South Korea" in First Drafts of Korea: The U.S. Media and Perceptions of the Last Cold War Frontier  (Shorenstein APARC, 2009)



Namie (in the Fukushima exclusion zone), 2017

Namie (in the Fukushima exclusion zone), 2017

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In The Associated Press:

History and Hardship Shape China’s Elderly (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 23, 2003)

Chinese Provinces Police Salt of the Earth (Los Angeles Times, Nov. 24, 2002)

Hainan: Sunny with Shady Side (The Seattle Times, Apr. 8, 2001)

Dam Leaves Some Residents High, Dry (Feb. 17, 2002)

Growing Slave Trade of Chinese Women (Jan. 21, 2002)

China Races to Save History (Jan. 19, 2002)

Damming the Mekong (Sep. 29, 2001)

China Hunts Culprits in Disco Fire (Dec. 28, 2000)